Unlike a scouting troop where a PLC meets to give a list of activities to the scoutmaster for approval that the youth would like to do, there are no adults that will say, " NO, you will not do that". However, it is up to the youth members to organize, plan and execute all the events. Naturally, since, the event is handled by the Crew -if the Venturers do not follow through, there is no event.

If a Crew wants do a specific outing... it is up to the Crew members to investigate, budget, plan and execute the event (with Adult Advisor/Councelor assistance)

A Leadership Committee -  president, vice-presidents, program chair, treasurer  - is elected (every 6 months, once a year, etc..) to help facilitate the Crew. Adult Advisors do not say, " No, you cannot be elected this time " It is up to the Crew as to what young adults serve what leadership positions

What will OUR Venture Crew DO? Whatever OUR Crew decides.

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