We are all for family kickball tournaments and discounted appliances. But let’s enjoy those while also honoring Americans who made the ultimate sacrifice for our freedom. And let’s do more than just reshare a patriotic photo on Facebook.

Memorial Day is welcomed not as a chance to play baseball on the corner lot, or to gape at the parade as the band goes by, but as an opportunity for the Scouts to attain a realization that they are the trustees of the traditions of American ideals of service to which this day is dedicated.

For more than 100 years, Scouts have done their “duty to country” — as phrased in our Scout Oath. Here are six ways to keep that patriotic pledge going for another 100 years.

This Memorial Day, with thousands of Scouts in America doing - Venturing Crew 75 performed a flag placement ceremony on the graves of the men and women of the armed forces who served diligently.  The ceremony at White Memorial Presbyterian Church was attended by 20 spectators, the majority of them Veterans of various services.

The service lasted only a short period of time, but the lasting impact of giving back to the community has church goers of White Memorial eager each year for the event, as the impactful and respectful tone of the ceremony highlights a Scouts Duty to Country.