Our Country was made great by strong and fearless men   men pushing through forests, over mountains, across prairies and deserts; men canoeing and rafting the rivers, crossing lakes, portaging through the wilderness to other rivers, other lakes   opening up the country for those who followed.

Today there are new frontiers   different frontiers.   Some of them, uncharted or unknown, you will discover for yourself.   High adventure still awaits young men fired with the explorers'' spirit.

Similar to what might be said for today’s Venturing RANGER Award, these are the words from the Explorer Scout Manual (1946) that were used to help inspire Explorer Scouts to earn the first Ranger Award between the years 1944-1949.

Explorer Scouts had been an approved program since 1933 but it was in 1944 that along with a new distinctive uniform color, a new advancement program was developed.   The program was set up with four levels of outdoor advancement:   Apprentice, Woodsman, Frontiersman, and Ranger.

Today, the program was updated so that Venturers have more stringent set of requirements to meet. We continue to recognize the very best skilled outdoor Venturers with an award that is over 50 years old, the RANGER.   

Venture Crew 75 Ranger Honor Roll

  • Ginny Bedwell
  • Stephen Bedwell
  • Alex Collier
  • Aaron Cross
  • Nash Price
  • Erin Shifflett


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