Position description

The program vice president is elected by the youth members and is the administrative officer of the crew. He or she manages the development of a good program, based on meeting the needs of the members by asking what they want their crew to do. This vice president maintains the activity file of programs, projects, and trips then formulates a file of ideas for future activities using the responses from interest surveys. He or she maintains and publishes the crew calendar and coordinates with school and community calendars to avoid scheduling conflicts.

The adult Associate Advisor for program assists the program vice presidents in his or her duties.

Reports to

  • Crew President


  • Serves as the program officer of the crew and, in that position, arranges the program planning process for the crew.
  • Collects and maintains a crew activity file consisting of the program capability inventory, a list of crew member interests and suggestions for activities, program resources, and an annual activity schedule.
  • Determines the interests of the crew members on an ongoing basis (using Venturing activity interest surveys).
  • Provides support for the chair and committee for each activity.
  • Maintains and up-to-date calendar of crew meetings and activities.
  • Sets an example by following the rules of the crew.
  • Wears the uniform appropriate to the Venturing crew.
  • Learns and lives by the Scout Oath and the Scout Law.
  • Approaches and encourages others to approach Venturing activities in the spirit of fun and enjoyment.

As a Crew Officer:

  • Foster and develops an environment within the crew that has a true sense of community, that encourages growth and responsibility to one another.
  • Works in a spirit of partnership with the Crew Advisor.
  • Assists in developing a program of activities for the crew help carry them out.
  • Upholds the standards and policies of the chartered organization and the Boy Scouts of America.
  • Ensures that activities are conducted within BSA safety guidelines and requirements.
  • Cultivates the capacity to enjoy life - have fun and explore while leading.
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