The program of every Venturing crew revolves around a special avocation or hobby interest. What a Venturing crew does is limited only by the imagination and involvement of the adult and youth leaders and members of the crew.

Resources for the Crew 

A variety of books, pamphlets, and videos are being developed to assist with organization, program, leadership, and activities. In particular, the Venturing Leader Manual will support leadership and planning.


Basic leader training sessions, quarterly Advisor meetings, and program conferences will be available to improve and enrich Venturing crew programs. A weeklong high-adventure skills course for Venturing Advisors is available on a registered basis.

Liability Insurance

The Boy Scouts of America has liability insurance that covers leaders and organizations to which Venturing crews and ships are chartered. Accident and medical coverage are not included but are available through local BSA councils at a modest cost

Yearly Programming Information

Venturing does not happen without proper and careful planning as well as execution.   Venturing crews need the proper resources that allow them to develop plans that allows them to Lead the Adventure.

Venturing Officers' Association Insignia

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